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Penyusunan Laporan Implementasi AMDAL

General Information

aaaaWe serve as both a construction manager and general contractor for our clients. The collaborative nature of CM at-Risk enables us to partner with the owner and design team to work together to enhance value and reduce costs; provide increased quality assurance.

Our approach to construction management is proactive. We emphasize construction planning throughout the project schedule; excellent communication with the owner, contractor, and designer; quick, on-the-spot resolution of issues as they arise; and, most importantly, always looking ahead to anticipate problems and take corrective action before problems arise.

Service Brochure

Project Delivery Methods

  • The design-build delivery method provides clients the benefit of a single-source of responsibility from conception to completion.
  •  Integrated design, construction planning and an employing an accelerated schedule are characteristics of this approach.
  • A highly collaborative approach, integrated project delivery (IPD) assembles a team at the earliest stage of a project.
  • Also known as design-bid-build, hard bid is a linear process where one task follows completion of another with no overlap.
  • The project owner selects a design team who completes the project plans and specifications, then bids are issued.
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